TL-30 Safe (No Name)




25 1/2×39×38 1/4
Right Swing


Construction requirements are identical to the TL-15 above. Tests are essentially the same as the TL-15 tests except for the net working time. Testors are allowed 30 minutes and a few more tools (abrasive cutting wheels and power saws) to help them gain entrance. The label signifies the testors were unable to open the door or make a 6″ square opening entirely through the door or front face within 30 minutes. Keep in mind these engineers have the manufacturing blue prints and can disassemble the safe being tested before the test begins to see how it works. They know their stuff. TL-30 x 6 – The TL-30 (30-minute) test is conducted on all six (6) sides of the safe.

Additional information

Dimensions 25-12 x 39 x 38-14 in


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