TL-15 Safe (No Name)




Houston, Tx


26×38 1/4×38 1/4
Plate Steel
Mechanical Dial – Combination Lock and Dial Key



Safes given a U.L. TL-15 rating have all passed standardized tests defined in UL Standard 687 using the same tools and usually the same group of testing engineers.Construction Requirements

  • U.L. listed Group II, 1 or 1R combination lock.  In addition, these safes may be provided with UL Listed High Security electronic locks which MUST be rated “Type 1”.
  • 750 lbs. minimum or comes with instructions for anchoring in a larger safe, concrete blocks or on the premises where used.
  • Body walls of material equivalent to at least 1″ open hearth steel with a minimum tensile strength of 50,000 P.S.I.
  • Walls fastened in a manner equivalent to continuous 1/4″ penetration weld of open hearth steel with minimum tensile strength of 50,000 P.S.I.
  • One hole 1/4″ or less, to accommodate electrical conductors arranged to have no direct view of the door or locking mechanism.

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Additional information

Dimensions 26 x 38-14 x 38-14 in


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